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htm Japan Co.,Ltd.,
htm Japan Co.,Ltd.
Foundation : 22.March 2011
Head office : No2_Shimazaki Building 2-40, Kanda-jinbotyou,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan
Tel :81-3-3512-2581  Fax :81-3-3512-2582
Products & Service ( 1 ) to manufacture, process, sell and import and export aluminum powder and other non-ferrous metal products.
( 2 ) any and all business incidental or related to those specified above.
Shareholder: hightech metal investment GmbH
Address : Frankenstraße 12, 90762 Fürth, Germany
Tenryu Plant
Completion : June 2004
Address : Funagira 808-2, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu city Shizuoka 431-3306 Japan
Tel : 81-53-922-0730  Fax : 81-53-922-0731
Business scope : Strategic base to develop, manufacture and quality assure highly innovative aluminum powder to meet customer’s highest demand.
classification, sieving, blending, and repacking of Aluminum powder and all the relevant business.
We have ISO certificate: ISO9001-2008(09649)